Saturday, April 6, 2013

A quick update ~ Check out new web site too!

Have not been on Blogs or Facebook since I had some should surgery in November.  While the should has healed pretty well, just taking the time to get back in my life was a tad jarring.  Am doing much beter, and hope to be back to the blog over time.  I love this community and have missed it!

My older son came for a visit, and saw the mess [read lack of space] and "bought" me a studio!  That is, he had me call my fix-it guy to fit out an unfinished basement space and insert a window [!].  NOw I have more than double the space I had been working in.  Now, with my new space, I need t ojustify by producing some great work! 

Have continued teaching at Senior Centers, and recently taught an Encaustics Workshop that was well-received and fun to boot.  Would love to do more.

Have also put up a "legitimate" working website ... Dee Doyle Art  Pleaes check it out and let me know what you think!!

Here is one of my recent encaustics just to fill some space! 

Wading Heron 12 x 24 Encaustic