Sunday, August 28, 2011

Which One is Just Right?

Have been away for a while ... the hurrier I go, the behinder I get.  Am trying to finish up summer classes and prepare for early fall classes, and I get "clutched."  So, I went back to doing some watercolor batiks to relax into and play a little bit.  Well, of course, I am still clutched.  Got to punch through!

So, I took an old "blah" watercolor  of mine, and copied it onto some rice paper.  Was not thrilled with the outcome, so did two more.  Like Goldilocks I am trying to figure out which is "just right."  I am thinking that none of them are just right, but each of them have elements I like, and, of course, a few parts that I am not too happy with.  But, I am not going to beat myself up, because I am beginning to figure out how much of a drawing I need to do, how much spattering I want to do, and how much paint [i.e., value] I need to use.

Talk about needing to punch through, I look at several of my most recent posts, and see that they are all watercolor batiks.  I need to get back into doing some more serious [ not TOO serious] work.  I have a couple of acrylics I am working on, and I have done a few quick watercolor demos in watercolors that are "okay," but nothing that thrills me. 

Oh well, like I say ... the hurrier I go ... shows, classes, and a couple of workshops that I will be giving, and a coule I will be taking.  Woo hoo!  THAT'S what I need, some nurturing "me" time in a workshop I will be taking!  More to follow!