Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Batik Workshop April 4th in Anacortes

Just a quick note about my upcoming Watercolor Batik Workshop, scheduled for April 4th at the Anacortes Senior Center.  Workshop is also listed under the Workshops tag to the left of this post.  Would love to have you join us!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good News Today!

Apparently, one of my paintings sold at the Whatcom Art Guild Art Market over the weekend.  I am so pleased, because I really hadn't expected it to sell at all.  It was a piece that has gone through a few false starts and a few experimental "what ifs" ... all of which ultimately "came together," to make a fun little painting.

I started this in a workshop in which we were experimenting with various gels.  I concocted and applied some Nova Lava Gel, then applied some gold leaf, which made no sense, then applied some black gesso, which made even less sense, then attached a high resolution laser print of a sketch I had done in a life drawing session, then I painted lava gel with some gold paint which really looked pretty good ... and then  oops, one gold drip right smack in the middle of the painting, so I dripped gold over the whole "mountain" and the figure.  All in the spirit of experimenting. 

Frankly, I really liked it, but never really thought it would sell.  Am so hoping the buyer will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Mountain Goddess ~ Acrylic Mixed Media 12" X 12"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Batik for Workshop

It's my day off, so I have been working on a few small batiks to show at the workshop on Saturday.  This is another batik of model, Jill.  Maybe it's a little dark, but I sort like the "mood."  What do you think?

Batik Workshop on Saturday in Bellingham

Have been working on some "new material" for my all-day Watercolor Batik Workshop scheduled on Saturday at Dakota Art in Bellingham [there are still a few spaces available!].  I am finding that when I set up to do a series of batiks, I invariably have to do a "sacrificial piece" to warm up. My sacrificial piece that I did this morning will never see the light of day, let alone a space on this blog!  Terrible! But, that warm-up piece allowed me to do the one below, which pleases me.  Am hoping to have enough pieces by early spring to do a whole show in batiks.  We'll see. 

Radishes Watercolor Batik 8" x 8"
to show in Watercolor Batik Workshop

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This litte piggy

Here's another quick sketch I did at Ruby's on Saturday.  I guess I was really trying to work on saving whites!  I am finding that for me the best way to get the whites is to have great darks!  I may have to try this one in watercolor batiks.