Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good News Today!

Apparently, one of my paintings sold at the Whatcom Art Guild Art Market over the weekend.  I am so pleased, because I really hadn't expected it to sell at all.  It was a piece that has gone through a few false starts and a few experimental "what ifs" ... all of which ultimately "came together," to make a fun little painting.

I started this in a workshop in which we were experimenting with various gels.  I concocted and applied some Nova Lava Gel, then applied some gold leaf, which made no sense, then applied some black gesso, which made even less sense, then attached a high resolution laser print of a sketch I had done in a life drawing session, then I painted lava gel with some gold paint which really looked pretty good ... and then  oops, one gold drip right smack in the middle of the painting, so I dripped gold over the whole "mountain" and the figure.  All in the spirit of experimenting. 

Frankly, I really liked it, but never really thought it would sell.  Am so hoping the buyer will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Mountain Goddess ~ Acrylic Mixed Media 12" X 12"


Martha Kisling said...

I love it too Dee - congratulations on the sale!

Dee Doyle said...

Thanks, Martha! Sorry no to respond before now. Have been dealing with a bad tooth! Paralyzing, no art, no blogging!


dee congratulations on your experimenting and sale.