Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Place in WAG Truck Challenge

8" x 8" unframed $100 for the pair or $60 each  plus $8 shipping for one or both

 8" x 8" unframed $100 for the pair, or $60 each plus $8 shipping for one or both

Woo hoo!  I had no idea that I would win this challenge, because I really don't "know" trucks.  I did them more to practice watercolor batik than to compete in the challenge. 

Another nice thing happened.  I sold two paintings this week ... one from the Daily Paintworks Challenge's Weekly Challenge and one from our co-op gallery in Anacortes.  Either the economy is turning, or my art is getting better!  I want both to be true ...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Koi Batik

Watercolor Batik Koi Approximately 18 x 24 inches

Well, I couldn't wait.  Had to finish it.  Lately, with these batiks, my iron is getting more of a work out than it has in the last twenty years!  As I mentioned in my early koi post, I was concerned about a few little tears in the paper, but have solved the issue by cropping them out!  When in doubt, crop it out!  Am sort of pleased with the outcome of my first "larger" batik piece. 

Koi on rice paper ... soon to be batiked

Watercolor batik koi painting WIP 24 x 24 inches ~ Two waxings so far

Initial drawing in pen and ink with ultra fine sharpie

Am continuing to explore and experiment with watercolor batik ... a few steps forward and a few steps back.  One of my forward steps was that I sold my batik reflective glass set-up from the Daily Paintworks Challenge [linked to Daily Paintworks in a previous post].  This is an incentive for me to join DPW.  I love that site and love the challenges!
With a tad more confidence, I started a koi painting in watercolor batik on a larger piece of rice paper than I have in earlier paintings.  This is 24 by 24 inches, and the paper is much more fragile and thinner than what I have used up until now.  I am only half way through the process, and I have a few small tears in the paper.  Am sure they will seal when I apply more wax, but would sure like to know how to avoid the tears!  Really, I have been gentle with the paper, moving it gingerly so as to not tear it, but, there you are.  And I drew the koi so large, that a crop may not work.

Would love to hear from some of you batiking artists for some insights!  Have to say, though, I still love playing with batiks!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Whatcom Art Guild Monthly Challenge

With my "kitchen studio" permanently installed on the counter, I decided to do the Whatcom Art Guild Monthly Challenge in batik as well [see earlier post below].  I otherwise would not seek out trucks to paint, but it's the club challenge, so why not have some fun with it in watercolor batik?  And, yes, I had so much fun doing the first one, I did a second one today, as there were two views of the beat up rusty old truck.

Am pleased with having cropped out a lot of the garbage of the photos we were given, and resized the images in Photoshop, so I could create a "matched pair."

Truck view #1

Truck view #2

Another Reflection Challenge on DPW

Glass and fuit on a mirror tile from a set up similar to what I use in class
This week's Daily Paintworks Weekly Challenge is to paint reflections, so I did another batik.  Practice makes perfect!  So, I am a ways from perfection, but enjoying the process.  My kitchen has become my batik studio with a thrift shop electric fry pan and my "retired" iron sort of permanent fixtures on my counter. 

More to follow.  I have another challenge to play with ... The Whatcom Art Guild's July Challenge is a couple of photos of a old rusty truck.  I guess it was meant to be an either/or choice, but I did both.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Crack at Watercolor Batik

Heron in Watercolor Batik
Okay, I am working on it, and am going to call my foray into this fun way of painting, a WIP.  Do I get to call myself an experimental artist? I am sharing with you because I have no idea if these things are any good, or even "art" [I'm talking about my work, not the batiks of the many incredible artists who do these so well]. Love the process, and they are fun to do, and I am working on making them better as I go along.  Would love any input you might want to offer, and/or any insights on how I could perfect them.  Am not sure I can "correct" existing ones, but would sure like to know how to paint and wax in a more pleasing or marketable way.  What do you think?