Sunday, September 5, 2010

Playing with knives

I haven't played with knives for years.  The only classroom experience with them was more than thirty-five years ago in an adult ed oil class.  I remember loving the resulting textures and effects, even though I wasn't sure if I were doing it "right."  I am still not sure if I am doing it right, but I have been fooling around, and, again/still I am intrigued by the texture.  Here are two quick practice attempts.  I like them well enough, but I still have a lot to learn, but isn't that always the case?


Carrie H. said...

I used to love painting with knives in High-school. After college I didn't like the smell of oil at home. I tend to use non smelly stuff now. When are you moving? Before Halloween would be good. I guess you have to sell your house first.

Anonymous said...

I probably should have said that I was using acrylics. I, too, dont deal well with the smelly stuff. More and more people are having reactions to chemicals and toxics. Is that a commentary on today's multi-chemical environment, or that people now realize the impacts of toxins?

Until I sell my house, I am day to day, doing what I can here, and thinking aobut how neat it will be to get to PDX!

Carrie H. said...

In the meantime, Check out this group of sketchers..... They are relatively close.