Friday, January 20, 2012

Still Playing With Backgrounds

Am still snowed in, but rain is washing it away and temps are rising .  Even so, today was not a good day to be out.  The governor declared a state of emergency, well justified south of here.  We, up here in Skagit County dodged the bullet, but snow and ice were still hazardous.

So, in an effort to not go too stir crazy, I did a quick sketch of my granddaughter who was a Flower Girl in her ballet school's Christmas Nutcracker production in Portland.  I want to do a more formal series of her as a dancer, so I was just testing the use of a black gessoed 'bad' watercolor painting as a background.  I thought it might be a little more theatrical. 

Well, I like the black, but still have to test how to treat the background by creating some interest without getting too busy or frenetic.  So, back to the drawing board before I start larger pieces. 

This is all like nailing jello to the wall.  Maybe soon, something will stick!


Anns Art said...

I reckon you did a great job of this painting of your grand-daughter, I love it. Hope your weather is improving over there.

Leada Wood said...

Hi Dee, love your ballerina! I guess great minds think alike as I have three grand daughters who have been posing for me in their attire. Will probably do paintings of them in the near future. I know what you mean about those backgrounds! Yours looks good is beginning to have a theatrical feel to it. Will be looking for more...can't wait to see the finished version!

Floriana Quaini said...

Nice oainting, I like the colors and the dancer so sweet.
Ciao, Floriana