Saturday, October 6, 2012

Encaustic Trees

Encaustic Trees 12" x 24" $175.00
After spending several weeks working on about a dozen of encaustic paintings, I finished the last of them [Trees shown here] this past week to hang for Ocotber First Friday Art Walk in Anacortes. Exhausted but exhilerated that I got them done and hung, I was finally able to check in with what happening in the art blogosphere. On Friday, I saw that Daily Paintworks Challenge for the week was Birches.

Birches, aspens, who knows? I know they are different, but now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, many folks speak of them as almost interchangeable. I have both birches and aspens in my yard, and they truly are different, but I see the similarities in terms of the light or white trunks and lacy leaves. I love the way the leaves on both trees dance in the wind. I enjoy the colors, both gold and bright. Whatever they are, wherever they are, they are two of my favorites!

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