Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poppies live a short life but a bright one

I have a few wonderful random poppy plants in my garden, and love the virbrant reds and oranges when they bloom.  I rush to take photos of them, because the blooms fade and the petals fall so quickly.   Here's a photo "posterized" in Photoshop to help me see the larger value shapes.

After experiementing with some fluid acrylis on Tyvek, I created a dead dull mess of a poppy, so I just had to redeem myself a bit, and quickly did a couple of acrylic 8 x 10s to get my groove back.  The renderings aren't that great but the colors make me smile.


Carrie H. said...

I love these, so warm and colorful.

Anonymous said...

I love the brilliant reds--would love a yard full of these!

Dee Doyle said...

Thanks for your comments, Anonymous! I DO have a small yard with these poppies in it, and I love them, but indeed they do not stay for long. I never tire of them, photographing them or painting them.