Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art By the Lake Ski to Sea Show

This past weekend was the Whatcom Art Guild's Art By the Lake Show.  A lot of energy and a number of events packed into the four days, starting with set-up on Friday.  Friday night was the Wearable Art Fashion Show and Reception.  It was a first time effort by club members yet talent and creativity in the pieces designed and worn by members were spectacular.  Two members created wearable art and jewelry for other members who purchased and painted the various pieces and wore them in the show.  Although I love hats and bags on other people, I use neither, so I chose to design and make my own "pop-top poncho," and painted poppies on it, front and back.  I was really pleased with the outcome.  The fabric an ecru cotton knit, was a remnant, only $3.75, and I used my acrylic paints, plus a couple of fabric acrylics, as well as some Golden GAC 900, to make a pretty smart-looking piece that I won't be embarrassed to wear.  I got more great positive comments on my top than on my paintings!

On Sunday, I had signed up to demo, and took my acrylics to the show [first time with this club].  I was doing a small painting of a polo pony ref, and it was going pretty well, and more WAG members than show patrons came up to watch.  As I was painting and explaining what I was doing [which was sort of a mixed media over a black-gessoed "bad" painting], two members were standing there, and one said to the other, "Is she doing that right?"  Her tone was not what I expected, and I was a bit uncomfortable.  I said that was not a kind thing to say, and she said she was kidding.  It didn't sound like kidding, so, already a bit nervous about being in a new environment, I was taken off guard.  I finished the painting and left.  It was weird. 

The official at the Governor's Cup Polo Matches July 2010 ~ Acrylic, gouache, charcoal, conte
Even still, I liked what I did, and I enjoyed the rest of the show and the people there.  I "worked" the desk, and, as it was for everyone else, we sold a LOT of cards, not too many paintings.

At "break-down," I could sense disappointment from the other artists, as it takes a lot of energy, time and money to put on a show like that.  I am grateful that I sold a small painting, as there were a number of artists that didn't.  Hope the economy turns around soon! 

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