Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Week's Daily Paintwork Challenge

This week is stacked up with so much to do and so much on my plate, but I really liked this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge, so I did a very quick acrylic sketch.  Not great, but I was able to "play with the others," andpost my little sketch.  I so enjoy wahat Carol and David Marine are doing with the Weekly Challenges.  It gives us all an opportunity to connect through art, and share with others.  Good on ya, Carol and David!  Good marketing, too!

"Happy Hour"  Daily Paintworks Challenge 8" x 10" Acrylics


RH Carpenter said...

I think it's just right - not too much, not too little :)

Anns Art said...

This is lovely Dee, even though you say it is a quick sketch. Sometimes the spontaneous ones come out surprisingly good don't you think!